Pornhub grants $25k scholarship to University of Michigan student

A scholarship to be proud of?

Pornhub, the popular porn site,  apparently has a Pornhub Cares Scholarship. The scholarship recognizes a person in a STEM field with a gpa of 3.2 or higher that is making an effort to help others around the world.

The lucky winner this year was Natalie Nevarez who is finishing up her doctorate in biopsychology at Michigan. #goblue

Nevarez and Pornhub posted this video when they announced her as the winner:

The video also contains her application video in which she explains her research which focuses on brain chemistry affecting monogamous relationships in prairie voles.

She describes how she’s able to relate the findings of brain chemistry and monogamy to drug abuse in humans and how drugs affect human relationships.

Needless to say, Nevarez is killing it and Pornhub clearly recognizes her passion and need to further her research.

Who would’ve known that Pornhub would help promote women in STEM and grant awesome scholarships?

University of Michigan