People are stealing Michigan email addresses and selling them on the dark web

Michigan has the highest rate of university email theft in the country.

According to a report by the Digital Citizens Alliance, the University of Michigan has the highest rate of email theft among the hundreds of schools being targeted by criminals selling .edu email address information on the dark web.

According to the report, hackers sell email addresses and passwords to buyers on the dark web, who can then comb through the email addresses to glean personal information about its owner, or simply use it to gain access to software, discounts, and other products reserved for the university community.

The report found that in March alone, “a total of 13,930,176 e-mail addresses and passwords belonging to faculty, staff, students, and alumni” at different universities were being sold on criminal websites.

Michigan, with 122,556 credentials for sale, had the highest total of stolen emails, followed by Penn State, Minnesota, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Illinois.

The report recommended that at-risk universities develop stronger software to detect breeches by hackers, and suggested that students change their passwords often to avoid being hacked, and be cautious about the information they provide via email.

University of Michigan