An ode to Circus

22 years young, taken too soon.

After 22 short years, Circus Bar and Billiards will officially be closing its doors this February. As the official closing date approaches, let us all take a moment to reflect on what a great bar Circus is, and what amazing memories it provided us. From its insanely cool theme to its awesome drinks, Circus gave us a lot of nights to remember, and forget. Here’s what we will miss most:

Endless free popcorn

Everyone loves popcorn, especially on a tipsy night out when you have the munchies. There’s something about the popcorn at Circus that makes you want to eat 10+ bowls of it. But don’t worry, you totally can. They always have tons of bowls out just for you.

The fact that it’s just far enough away from campus to feel like you aren’t going to catch mono from a frat bro at the bar.

A night out with friends will never be ruined by random men at Circus, I guarantee it.

Drink deals

$0.25 beer on Wednesdays, and disconcertingly cheap Long Islands keep you coming back, though you may not remember exactly how many times.


When you absolutely needed to show everyone that you know every word to Fergalicious, and are damn proud of it, Circus came through.

The theme

The clown face holes you can take hilarious group pics in make you feel like you’re truly under the big top. Also, those giraffe, elephant, and zebra mounts? WILD.

That hotcdog stand outside

No hot dogs taste as good as these do, especially when you’re standing outside at 1am in a sequined mini skirt, drunk af waiting for your Uber driver, Greg, to show up in his Prius.

Grad students

Need I say more?

The dress code is as casual or as fancy as you want it to be

Want to show off your new suede heels with that cute black romper that you love? Or maybe you’re wearing matching Hawaiian shirts with bae? Either way, wear whatever you want. Circus is the perfect place to be yourself.


RIP, Circus. You will be missed greatly. Just know that no other bar will ever hold such a special place in our hearts.


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