All the best signs from the Ann Arbor Women’s March

Uteruses before duderuses.

On Saturday, thousands of people came out in Ann Arbor and marched from 5th Street to the diag, chanting and carrying signs that advocated for equality and women’s rights in the wake of the inauguration of divisive candidate Donald Trump. Some signs were heartfelt, some cheeky, some powerful. Here are a few of our favorites:

This twist on the Donald’s surname:


This message that’s straight out of Kimmy Schmidt:

And this one from Parks and Recreation:

Oh, and this quote from our girl Tina:

A simple statement from someone young:

And someone older:

 And someone in between:

This take on an old classic:

This theory:

A powerful statement to remind us of intersectionality:

An ode to Maya Angelou:

This opinion on the election results:

This simple but powerful reminder:

And this play on words:

This revelation:

And this one:

This sign that summed up how we’re all feeling:

And this one, which was slightly more polite:

An announcement:

A twist on RBF:

A letter to Betsy DeVos:

And, finally, this reaffirmation:

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