The best slices in Ann Arbor

Where to get the perfect late night snack after Rick’s

Pizza is such a staple for college students, that it’s basically it’s own food group. Those late nights in the library where the only thing that can revive you is the warm crunch of pizza crust, or even the nights turned mornings where you and all of your friends pile into the smallest pizza joint in town to snag the last hot pieces. There is a common theme, and it’s pizza.

The slab of pure carbs and cheese is always there for you no matter what. Because students share such a relationship with pizza, they deserve to know where to get the best slice, so here is a definitive ranking of the best pizza places around the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor, MI.

Pizza House


Here, I walked in and ordered their classic cheese pizza. Of course, it was amazing. Fluffy crust and enough gooey cheese to make me happy for a lifetime. However, it was just cheese pizza. I wanted something more in my life than the everyday basics, and I had to order a whole pizza because Pizza House doesn’t sell it by the slice. Overall, a great place to go with a group of friends, unless you want to eat an entire pizza yourself… because I am so down for that.

South U


In this little shack I asked for a slice of pepperoni pizza. It’s perfect for a classic, late night food run, and if South U has done anything right, it’s their slabs of pepperoni. Greasy enough to slightly gross you out, but still good enough to make the trek from Rick’s every Saturday night.

Cottage Inn


At Cottage Inn, I picked up a pepperoni pizza. Again, I was disappointed that I couldn’t order just one slice, but I mean is too much pizza ever a bad thing? The Inn gives you what you pay for, and that would be pizza in a college town. Definitely the type of pizza to show up to a friend’s apartment with, just in time to watch a basketball game, or maybe even some cute puppy videos.



At this place, I asked for a slice of their cheese pizza. It was pretty delicious. Warm, the slightest bit crispy on the outside, and when I added red pepper flakes and some parm, it really sealed the deal. Definitely the place to stop on the way home.



Here, I ordered the baked ziti pizza, and that was a decision well made. Pasta AND pizza? Sign me up. The ziti was baked enough to have a little crisp to it, but still tender, as pasta should be. The ziti and the sauce gave a new twist to my two favorite carbs, and I must say, my life is forever changed.



This place just absolutely takes the cake. The round, tomato sauce covered cheesy cake, that is. I ordered a mozzarella masterpiece that had figs, arugula and balsamic vinaigrette all over it. It was SO GOOD. All of the pizzas here have unique flavors and combinations, guaranteed to result in a satisfied stomach. Truly the best place to sit down, or take out, with friends in Ann Arbor.

University of Michigan