Ways to trick yourself into believing spring has sprung

The groundhog lied this year

Here at Michigan we’ve had an unusually mild winter. Coming from someone who just moved off campus, I’m eternally grateful to Mother Nature for giving me a mid-undergrad break from negative degree wind chill. The real problem with Michigan winters, even when they’re this mild, is that they never end no matter what the groundhog says. Here’s a few ways to trick your body into believing it’s actually spring — even though high 30s and low 40s is hardly ‘warm’.

(Let’s enjoy this last day of happiness before the snowstorm fucks all our shit up tomorrow.)

Wear skirts


Does it matter that your legs will be freezing if you look this good? You look so chic, it’s almost like you’re not freezing.

Buy a Frappuccino


It’s not cold outside, the Frappuccino is just making you cold. I’m not in denial, YOU’RE IN DENIAL.

Don’t look at the snow


What snow? I don’t see any snow. That’s just…the fur of 1000 shedding rabbits.

Go to the Kerrytown Farmer’s market


They only have farmer’s markets when it’s warm, right? Thus, it logically follows: If we’re here, it must be warm.

Buy yourself flowers


They’re real. I didn’t put them there, they just grew. In the vase. It’s a spring miracle. 

Sitting down outside for more than 20 seconds


Your butt isn’t cold, your attitude is. No one’s cold here — it’s SPRING.

University of Michigan