Your guide to voting in MSU student elections week

Go green and go vote

Student election week is underway at MSU and will run until Monday, April 9th at noon. On the ballot this year are a total of four tax referendums and two constitutional issues.

Groups participating on this year's ballot are ASMSU, RHA, Impact 89FM Radio, and The State News.

Ballots are designed so that students can only vote on issues within their constitute. For example, students who live off campus won't be able to vote on RHA issues.

Every MSU student will, however, have the option to vote on the ASMSU Safe Ride Program tax referendum, the State News tax referendum, and the Impact 89FM tax renewal.

The ASMSU Safe Ride Program tax referendum asks students to increase a $2 tax to $3 to “increase funding, offer improved service levels, and expand operating times for the Safe Ride program.” The MSU Safe Ride Program offers free rides home seven days a week, during the hours of 10pm to 2:30am, to all MSU students.

The State News tax referendum asks students to vote on raising a student tax from $5 to $7.50 to support The State News and “ensure robust news coverage of the university administrations and student body.” The State News is MSU's student-run newspaper that has been running for more than 109 years.

Also requesting a tax renewal on this year’s ballot is Impact 89FM WDBM Radio. The university currently collects $3 per semester per student to fund the student-run radio station. “In accordance with the University Tax Policy, each group must hold a student referendum to have the collection of the tax re-approved every three years.” This ballot option asks students to vote whether or not to continue to collect this tax going forward.

Students can cast their ballots at from now until this Sunday at noon. An MSU NetID is required to participate in this election.

It just takes a minute to vote, so make your voice be heard and vote this week!

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