UMich stands with MSU during Richard Spencer’s recent speech

Rivals come together in times of uncertainty

University of Michigan's Central Student Government sent Michigan State's Student Government a letter on March 5 to show their support of the university and its students. The letter was sent to let MSU that they were not alone in standing strong during Richard Spencer's speech that took place the same day.

Protestors and counter-protestors clashed outside Spencer's speech at MSU's Livestock Pavilion on March 5. Many were injured and over 20 people were arrested and have since been let out on bail.

Spencer has halted his college speaking tour indefinitely following his speech at MSU. He was planning on trying to speak at the University of Michigan as the next stop on his tour, but the date for that has not been set and doesn't seem like it will be set anytime soon according to his recent statements on the matter.

MSU and UMich stand together during this new chapter of our history as a university.

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