MSU student imagines our basketball team as cartoon characters

MSU student Tori Twining compared our beloved basketball team to cartoon characters in her recent twitter thread

The Tab reached out to Tori for her inspiration behind this funny Twitter thread. She said "My friends and I were at the MSU vs Rutgers game and I was coming up with them during the game to make them laugh. After the game, they told me it would be funny to post them all on Twitter so I created the thread. I came up with the characters based off perceived personalities or if a player resembled a character."

First up, we have the sarcastic and loud Raphael. He's always ready to go and can be a little bit impulsive.

Next we have Cat-Dog. This duo is inseparable. Despite their constant bickering, they love each other more than they care to admit.

The troublemaker of Jellystone Park, Yogi Bear tends to steal the occasional picnic basket. Even though he bends the rules sometimes, he's always thinks he's doing right thing.

Regular person by day, superhero by night, Frozone is always trying to do something for the greater good. Unfortunately, his wife thinks she is the greatest good he is ever going to get.

Tigger is as loud as he is competitive. He's always bouncing around trying to get people to goof off with him, which sometimes gets him into a bit of trouble.

Johnny Bravo is a lady killer and he knows it. He is often caught checking himself out in the mirror, and often comes off as a tough guy, but is a real softie inside.

Sylvester the Cat is perhaps one of the most determined cat out there. He never lets a failure stop him from trying again, and is proud of himself for it.

Little Bill is a happy imaginative kid, and occasional troublemaker. He loves having fun and is always all smiles.

Eeyore is a little bit cynical and pessimistic. Even though he can get annoyed with his friends sometimes, they still love him.

The Roadrunner is a well known troublemaker. He likes to mess with people, pulling pranks left and right and laughing at the people that fall for them.

Buster is easy going and fun loving. He firmly believes that he is here for a good time, not a long time and would rather go out and have fun then do his homework. He is also notorious for always having food on him.

Little Foot is one of the most adventurous and loving dinosaurs around. He hates watching people argue and will do what it takes to help people. He also has a tendency to be a bit stubborn when people disagree with him.

Although sometimes he has the unpopular opinion, Gerald can often be the voice of reason. He is a firm believer in revenge and likes to be in the spotlight.

Franklin is one of the most kind and caring turtles around. He tends to be forgetful and a little clumsy and accident prone.

Like his name suggests, Bashful is a rather shy guy. Although he is a quiet guy, he is a romantic and a firm believer in true love.

Lastly, we have the Tasmanian Devil. No explanation needed.


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