New Michigan law reduces MIP penalties

The days of racking up MIPs before age 21 are over, my friends

As of last month, minors who are first-time offenders that get caught sipping a drink at a party will no longer get an MIP on their record.

Before the new year, Governor Snyder signed bills changing the MIP law in Michigan for first-time offenders from a misdemeanor to a state civil infraction.

First-time offenders will get a fine up to $100 and might have to do some community service or substance abuse classes, but hey, that's better than an MIP on your record.

Basically, if you're at a frat with a solo cup in your hand, you'll get something that looks like a traffic ticket instead of the usual criminal offense on your record.

MIP violation numbers are high in many areas of Michigan, including Ingham County, which is home to Michigan State's campus. According to the Detroit Free Press, Ingham County had 863 MIP citations in 2013 alone – more than double of what Washtenaw County (home of UMich and Eastern Michigan University) had in the same year.

During welcome-week this past fall, the ELPD handed out 25 MIPs, which is five per day!

Cheers to a clean record! Sparty on.

Michigan State