After President Simon’s resignation, MSU students suggest how to move forward

Students feel this is just the beginning

In less than 24 hours after the resignation of former MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon, many students have voiced their thoughts on the matter.

Undergraduate Student Body President Lorenzo Santavicca took to twitter with his response. In his response, he thanked former President Simon for all she's done for MSU and then went on to explain that in order for change to happen student leadership and key stakeholders need to work together.

Along with Santavicca, MSU Residential Hall Association also released a statement expressing the need for a change in leadership. In the statement above, RHA expresses that they are committed to supporting the well-being of students and survivors alike affected by the Nassar case.

Besides major organizations at MSU, the student body has been actively involved with the updates surrounding the case, from interacting on twitter to planning a march.

David Beetle, an MSU football player, explained over Twitter that he feels the assaults were overlooked because the victims were female. While he recognizes the horrid mistakes of campus leadership, Beetle has hope that the university as a whole can recover.

A former MSU student is disappointed as she reflects on the choices of the university's board.

As of this morning, the Rock was painted to showcase the University's support of the survivors who made Nassar's conviction and Simon's resignation possible.

The Rock's message included the survivors' names on the right.

A march at was originally planned to call for Simon's resignation or termination, but since her resignation last night, the march, titled March for Survivors and Change at MSU, will now focus on how the University can support the survivors of sexual assault and bring about change for females on campus. It is scheduled to take place Friday, Jan. 26 at 6 p.m. at The Rock.


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