ASMSU unanimously calls for Simon to resign

This reverses a statement made in December

ASMSU has joined students and senators alike by making an official announcement calling for Lou Anna K. Simon's resignation.

On January 18, members of ASMSU unanimously passed a bill that establishes a resolution to the board and administration due to their mishandling sexual assault at the university.

"ASMSU calls for the university administration to take ownership and responsibility for their negligence and willful ignorance in allowing Larry Nassar to commit criminal acts from a university position," the bill states. "With regard to ongoing legal proceedings and public reporting, all involved parties should speak and act with this previously shirked responsibility in mind."

Student body president Lorenzo Santavicca announced the passage via twitter stating that the current board and administration is "unfit to establish a safe and secure campus atmosphere; needs to change for true healing to begin."

The newest call for resignation comes after a report that Lou Anna K. Simon became aware of allegations against Nassar in 2014. She was one of at least 14 representatives of the university to have had some knowledge of alleged abuse.

ASMSU joins many other community members and politicians in asking for resignation. Tom Leonard, Gretchen Whitmer, Sam Singh, Margret O'Brien and many others have also called for resignation.

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