If Taylor Swift’s new album was about MSU’s ‘reputation’

Are you “…Ready For It,” Spartans?

Of course Taylor Swift's new 15 song album, Reputation, isn't really about Michigan State. But the album is amazing – and so is imagining how the songs could relate to our school.

Look What You Made 'Us' Do

Sorry Ann Arbor. You beat us last year, so we had no choice but to beat you 14-10 this year. Oh, and it was at the Big House… our bad, Wolverine fans. You kinda made us do it. #SorryNotSorry


Our campus is just gorgeous. 'Nuff said.

End Game

In the words of T. Swift, "we've got big reputations." It just isn't going to work out, OSU. We're in East Lansing, MI and you're in Columbus, OH. We're Green and White, you're Scarlet and Grey. And what you did to us this season was the last straw. The relationship you thought you had is over – and let's face it, was never really there.

Getaway Car

Every freshman with a meal plan comes to realize that the food at Brody Caf is unlike any other. But like every good thing, sometimes there's an end. Tay sings "we we're flying, but we never get far" – and just like the food at Brody during your first year at Michigan State, at first you're "flying" because of how good the food is.

Then the year ends, and you see that it wasn't supposed to be enjoyed forever. Brody is really not THAT great, guys.

King of My Heart

"We met a few weeks ago" and "all at once, you are the one I have been waiting for" are just a few of this song's lyrics that could describe our relationship with CATA. You find the bus that can take you to all of your classes, memorize its route and (especially in winter) never want to let it go.

So Spartans, "Call It What You Want" this holiday season, and get ready for "New Year's Day" – because Tay said so and so did we.

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