This MSU student was sent a care package from LiveOn after tweeting about finals and if you’re not jealous, you’re lying

If MSU is offering gifts now I’d like a discount on my tuition please

Last week, Morgan Bowie, a sophomore studying environmental biology and zoology at MSU, made the following tweet perfectly summarizing finals week in East Lansing.

“I’m sitting alone in my dorm watching Polar Express eating ramen and air heads so maybe I’m not as much of an adult as previously mentioned,” Morgan wrote.

About a week later, Morgan got a notification that she had a package. She originally thought was from her mom, but was surprised to see the package was actually from LiveOn, MSU’s Residence Housing and Education Service.

On the front of the bag there was a screenshot of her initial tweet, along with the famous Polar Express quote, “Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.”

Attached to the care package was a note wishing her good luck on her finals. Included in the package were ramen noodles, candy and mints.

Morgan said she has no idea why she got the package, and other students were definitely thinking the same thing.

Like Megan and Lindsey, who suddenly began questioning whether or not MSU loved them the same way LiveOn clearly loves Morgan.

Or Devin, who pointed out this isn’t exactly ~typical~ of MSU.

When asked about the response she’s gotten from other students, Morgan said she was confused on why the tweet went viral. “I thought it was kinda cool that everyone thought it was cool,” said Morgan. “I thought it was cool that I got something and that everyone is jealous of it, but, I mean, I don’t understand why.”

Personally, I talk about my life falling apart on my Twitter account almost daily, and I’ve never gotten anything from MSU except parking tickets.

Bethany Balks, the REHS Assistant Director of Communications, said LiveOn uses social media listening tools through apps like HoopSuite to find ‘surprise and delight’ opportunities.

“One of our social media listening terms is dorm, because students use that term quite a bit, so Morgan did a tweet talking about sitting alone in her dorm room watching Polar Express, eating ramen and airheads, and it seemed like an easier ‘surprise and delight’ opportunity; something we can turn around quickly,” said Balks. “We kind of came up with a quick idea of, ‘Hey, let’s get together some ramen and some airheads, put it in a bag, and send it to her’.”

Balks also said Morgan isn’t the first student, or last student, who LiveOn hopes to ‘surprise and delight’.

“Morgan was the first one this semester. We’re a little behind I will admit, but we did do another one last night,” said Balks. “We worked with Sparty’s Market, you know Culinary Services is another sister brand with ours, and we worked with them and a community director in Hubbard and had him take Sparty’s Market pizza and randomly hand out Sparty’s Market pizza on the first floor of Hubbard Hall.”

Balks also went on to say that they’re not picking favorites when it comes to who gets what and when.

“We want to use active listening on Twitter to ‘surprise and delight’ so we catch the ones we can, we catch the ones that come up organically,” said Balks.

Pizza and candy is basically every college students dream in a nutshell, I guess we can only hope we’re next.

Is it safe to say LiveOn is better than Santa?

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