A Spartan’s guide to being home for the holidays

The holidays are finally here, but are you ready for everything that comes with being home?

The holiday season is something that most Spartans look forward to every year. The presents. The food. The time off. The OVERWHELMING PRESENCE OF YOUR FAMILY 24/7. Yes, you may have a month off from schoolwork and the stresses that go with it, but you are about to be engulfed in the experience that is being a college student home for the holidays. Here are some things that WILL happen to you while you're home and how to handle them like a true Spartan.

All of the questions

While you're home, the questions will come from everyone when you least expect it. Sitting around the table at Christmas with your family, you will definitely hear questions such as: "What are you looking to do after college?", "When are you going to graduate?", and "How's college life treating you?".

When faced with these questions, it's best to turn the tables on the person asking the question and get them to talk about their glory days of college. With the focus off of you, you can relax and eat your mashed potatoes in peace.

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Get ready for at least three of these people to ask you what's your major

The two-foot leash your parents have you on

Now that you're home, your parents are about to hit you with everything they've got. Every emotion that they haven't been able to express on the phone is about to swamp you at one time, and you need to be ready. Prepare yourself for the unreasonable curfew that they're about to give you, even though you've been gone for months doing whatever you want with no parental restrictions and shouldn't get a curfew. They ARE your parents *damn it*, and they're going to act like it while they can.

The best way to get off the leash is to tell your parents that you're going Christmas shopping and they would ruin the surprise. After Christmas passes, you're on your own with excuses…

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You won't just get the pie, that's too easy; you have to help make it.

The fattening.

After stuffing the turkey, your mom will set her sights on you. Cookies. Pie. Brownies. Cake. Get ready to gain twenty pounds while you're home because your mom is about to give the "Freshman 15" a run for its money. Your mom must not realize that there was unlimited food at MSU because she's trying to keep the kitchen open 24/7 .

There is no way to overcome this. You need to accept your fate and move on. Your mother's will is a force to be reckoned with, and you CAN'T fight her on this.

A slice of pie (or three) for breakfast?

The stares

Because you'll be home for awhile, you need to get used to your parents staring at you every chance they get. Day and night, they are going to take you in. Remember, they've missed you more than you know, and now they are making that completely obvious. The doe-eyed looks won't stop until you're back in the safety of your dorm room.

The only way to snap them out of the staring is to stare back at them. Show no fear, Spartan. Let them know that you know EXACTLY what they're doing, and that you're not scared of them. Stay strong.

Everything MSU

Be ready for a bombardment of Target-brand MSU apparel under the Christmas tree. You'll soon realize that when a family member doesn't know what to get you, they default to an MSU t-shirt, sweatshirt, or hat. They might even go CRAZY and splurge for a cute pair of sparkly socks…with MSU all over them. It seems that when you left for college, you also lost your identity.

Combat the overabundance of Green and White by simply enduring. Even if you're MSU down to your undies, you can survive this.

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At least you have school spirit…right??

Happy Holidays Spartans! Good luck with everything that comes with being home during winter break. See you soon in Spring Semester, if your mom doesn't stuff you in the closet before you leave that is…

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