These are the only four kinds of people you’ll see at Starbucks

We see you sippin’ that Peppermint Mocha

"The Basic"

It can be a girl or boy. But, you know that no matter who it is – "The Basic" is seen at Starbz on Grand Riv. 24/7 – sitting at a high table with the best outfit in the room with their laptop open (but playing Riverdale on Netflix instead of doing actual homework), and drinking that Venti holiday-seasoned drink.

"The Study"

Honestly, it's probably a pre-med or Broad business student. But, you never know. This person is usually at a four-person table by themselves – each of the other three seats occupied by notes, textbooks, and multiple cups of coffee because they are studying for exams either the next day or next month. Nonetheless, we see you and in the words of Kris Jenner – "You're Doing Great, Sweetie."

"The Texter"

Okay, you know who you are. "The Texter" is always sitting in your spot and doing nothing except scrolling through their iPhone. And when you stop to check and see if the seat has opened up, there's "The Texter" – texting their significant other, calling their mom about what they had for lunch, or liking posts on Instagram – making you wonder if they even go to MSU.

"The First-Daters"

The awkward space between the two and the flirting make it pretty obvious that it's a first date (and a cringe-worthy moment for you) as you're trying to study, but kinda also want to listen to their convo about each other's favorite TV drama. We're all for the cheesiness, people – but we're also for getting that 4.0.

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