ELPD has Stranger Things 2 spoilers hanging all over the jail walls, so don’t get arrested okay?

Just don’t steal any Eggos

ELPD has a history of being pretty savage, but this weekend, they pulled out all the stops by hanging spoilers from Stranger Things 2 all over the walls of their jail.

Last year, the Netflix original show Stranger Things took over the world, and everybody was talking about it. Well, this Halloween, the highly anticipated second season was released on Netflix.

Turns out college students are not the only ones loving the show — even East Lansing's law enforcement was waiting for the season to come out. On the morning of November 5th, the East Lansing Police Department tweeted this:

"We've taped Stranger Things spoilers all over the walls of our jail cell this week," said a tweet from the East Lansing Police. "Some extra motivation for you to not end up there."

So, fair warning: you'd better be a model citizen… at least until you finish the second season.

Michigan State