I’d rather lose every football game against UMich than deal with MSU parking

What am I going to do? Walk? I think not

Parking on Michigan State's campus is a fate worse than death and the scariest thing you'll ever have to put up with as a student.

We've all been there: the dreaded hour long road trip around campus to try and find an accessible, cheap place to park your car on campus.

Driving around lot after lot in the old clunkers we're all praying will make it through our debt-invoking years here at MSU is awful. Cars are like the children we hope to never have while at college. We name them and treat them like our first born only to have them grossly mistreated by MSU Parking.

They don't deserve this kind of disrespect and neither do we. Not only is the cost of a student parking pass comparable to a couple years' tuition, but guest parking is a whole other type of scary – like Nightmare on Elm Street scary.

Once you purchase an overnight pass and find your way to the only available spot left (located somewhere near Flint), the odds are you still managed to mess some small, stupid thing up and the second you fall asleep Freddy Krueger is gonna saunter by your car and leave you a nice little parking ticket.

God forbid you try and park on a game day

Driving around on the day of a big game is a different story. I swear, the endless amount of road blocks set up to "ease" the flow traffic after the game ends are Satan's minions at work. Parking on gameday is about as easy as majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Emma Frommann, a visitor to Michigan State's campus, spoke with us about her traumatizing experience attempting to park on campus, "I was only trying to get to lot 91 in the East neighborhood to park overnight after homecoming and somehow ended up navigating the greater Lansing area," she said. A simple task, you might think. But you'd be wrong.

"I eventually had to hop back on the highway just to return to campus because the police barricades wouldn't let me turn right!" Emma said.

Later that night she would pay $20 to park only to receive a $25 parking ticket the next morning due to the lack of directions on the parking kiosk. A moment of silence for Emma, please. For those of you who aren't mathematically inclined, that's a total of $55 that could've been spent on something else — like a year's worth of Insomnia Cookies.

Campus is TOO BIG to not have ample parking

Okay, so obviously there isn't enough space, and you want to know who suffers? The freshmen.

Freshmen are forced to Uber, or worse, take the city bus. These expensive rides are accompanied by awkward driver conversations along with the occasional karaoke attempt, and no one deserves to be forced to subject themselves to that.

Honestly, it wouldn't be so bad if our campus wasn't literally in its own zip code. But what am I supposed to do? Walk? I think not.

After a year of feeling stranded, alone and scared we are finally allowed parking passes and are supposed to thank our dear school for setting aside a few small lots located in what might as well be a separate continent.

In the end, how important is parking really? The answer: pretty damn important. Transportation is key for such a large area, and unless you can invent a magic carpet or teleportation machine we need places to keep our cars.

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