What you need to know about the student suing MSU after being suspended for sexual misconduct

He claims lack of due process

There is little information yet about the recently released case of a former student suing the university about his sexual misconduct case: this is what we know.

Everyone is still anonymous

The alleged attacker has only been identified by his student number in the lawsuit and it is known he was a senior. It has also been released that the supposed victim was a freshman last year, according to the Lansing State Journal.

What supposedly happened

The two reportedly met on Jack'd, a gay dating app, and they met up for a tailgate in October. They both drank all day. Upon returning to the seniors house, the victim claimed to be feeling unwell and was giving permission to take a nap on the accused bed. Their stories differ from here.

The freshman claimed he was stripped and touched inappropriately. He sent several texts out to friends stating his drunkenness and that he felt unsafe; later claiming that he had been raped. He also claimed that he was denied a phone charger after his phone died. The accused claims that the freshman undressed himself, they kissed, and fell asleep. He denies the claim about the phone charger.

The charges

The accused was given a four year suspension, due to violating Michigan State's sexual misconduct policy, but it was later reduced to 18 months. He was then granted a restraining order to be able to finish his degree. No criminal charges were ever pursued against him.

The current case

The alleged is suing in a claim of due process. The suit alleges that there was serious issues with the investigation held by the university. Some of the claims were that they weren't interviewed under oath, investigators notes weren't shared, and the stories were radically different.

We will continue to investigate and update this article

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