Everything MSU moped owners can relate to

“Potholes are death”

Owning a moped at MSU is quite the experience. From mental breakdowns when MSUPD tries to take away your happiness with parking tickets and an attempted moped ban, to pure joy when you pass hundreds of bikers and bus riders on your way to class – zooming by without a worry in the world. Without further ado, here are some things that every Spartan moped'er can definitely relate to.

Potholes are death

In a car or bus, potholes may seem like a small bump or jolt. You try to avoid them to protect your car and tires. With a moped, it's a lot different. If you don't dodge that hole, you WILL go flying. Thanks to East Lansing roads we have to be extremely aware.

Losing a hat every other week

After losing that first green and white hat on Grand River, you'd think you would've learned something, but you didn't. Felt like you could hang onto it with one hand, or keep your head down so it somehow won't fly off, right? Wrong. Don't wear a hat. Just don't do it.

Sunglasses are a necessity

For my mascara-wearing Spartans, how about those wind tears you get when you don't wear sunglasses? Not so fun. Squinting never looked good on anyone. Sunglasses can help with the bugs too. On your day trip to Noodles and Co., you'll need protection on the main roads.

Gas seems so cheap

Filling up the tank is less like $40 and more like two bucks. It's a great feeling not having to go to the gas station all the time, even though MSU is huge. Yeah, I'm using coins to pay for my gas…go ahead and judge me, cars at the gas station.

That awkward moment when it won't start



All mopeds are different, and some are more efficient than others. The older and smaller 'peds are more likely to take a little longer to start. Everyone at the Brody bike rack may be looking at you like you're screwed, but in reality you know it's just going to take a minute. (Hopefully.)

Becoming a moped Uber for your friends

Don't pay me in gas money, pay me in Conrad's

Don't pay me in gas money, pay me in Conrad's

Once your fellow Spartans find out about your wicked awesome moped, they will want rides to Bessey and Hubbard. Getting to and from IAHs and ISBs will become regular with your fellow Spartans. Having a riding buddy isn't the worst, but don't be afraid to say no.

All in all, us moped owners need to stick together. The bond we share will never be understood by walkers and bikers. Keep riding, keep beeping, and keep your Spartan spirit up with joy rides!

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