Parking problems at MSU could be over thanks to these two students

They’ve created an app to help students find parking

It's time to get excited: there's a potential solution to the parking problem at MSU thanks to students Zach Brewer and Drew Piotrowski.

Brewer and Piotrowski have made an app that could solve most of the parking issues that arise on campus. Prndl Parking doesn't increase the amount of parking on campus, but it does give users options for spots just off campus for a day, a week, a semester or a year.

We all know parking at MSU is terrible. Parking for a 12:40 class? Nearly impossible. Parking for football? Forget about it. And it doesn't help that most of campus is reserved parking and you cannot stay there without risking a ticket or getting towed. Same with meters, because since when has a meter that maxes at an hour been useful?

The app works by allowing users to search for parking spots near their intended destination. Renters of the spots set their own prices, and they can change with immediate demand. The app also allows for communication between parties and rating systems to create as smooth of an experience as possible.

They are beginning the app at Michigan State, and hope to expand further down the line into other nearby universities like University of Michigan and Grand Valley State University.

For more information about Prndl, click here

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