MSU’s Student Body President is one of 52 standing in solidarity against the racism in Charlottesville

MSU is one of 52 schools to stand in solidarity

On August 12, a group of white nationalists began their "Unite the Rite" rally in Charlottesville, in response to the potential removal of a confederate statue in a local park. Once counter protests emerged, violence broke out, and Governor Terry McAuliffe called a state of emergency.

On August 13, Lorenzo Santavicca, the Student Body President of MSU tweeted out his official support for Michigan State standing in solidarity with Charlottesville.

The tweet said, "College campuses are not a home for acts of terrorism, white supremacy or anything that excludes people by their identity."

Attached to the tweet was a document containing a solidarity message signed by 52 total schools across the United States.

The document said:

"As Student Body Presidents across the United States, we are deeply saddened by the events that have occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia. We stand with the students of the University of Virginia, as what affects one of our campuses affects us all. College campuses are spaces that students should be able to call home, not places of violence, hate, and racism. Students should always feel welcome and safe at our incredible higher eduction institutions, never having to fear for their personal well-being. As the voice of our students, we collectively call on one another to speak up in the face of injustice, as silence reduces us to bystanders in oppression. This is a statement not only to support the Student Body at the University of Virginia but to make clear our advocacy for the victimized and marginalized students on all our campuses. We will continue to support students and universities in their peaceful resistance to violence, racism, white supremacy, bigotry, and acts of terrorism on our own campuses and beyond. If the students of the University of Virginia or the citizens of Charlottesville need any assistance, please know you have a network of universities that support you."

Beneath the message 52 university Student Body Presidents signed their names to join in solidarity.

Prior to this public statement, Lorenzo took to twitter to post a personal message of his own: "Dignity, inclusion & respect define one nation; indivisible. Hatred doesn't belong. Spartans must exemplify these values."

The Tab has reached out to Santavicca and will update the article when he responds.

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