Sexually speaking, Michigan State is one of the safest campuses in America

Maybe this is why all the RAs have condoms on their doors

Michigan State has come upon a lot of “tops” recently, and this is another one to add to the list. Unzipped, which is powered by STD Test Express, has ranked MSU number 18 when comparing campusesĀ around the country for sexual health awareness.

At Olin there isĀ The Center for Sexual Health Promotion. The goal of this section of the health department is to educate students on how to be safe on campus in regards to their sexual health and activity. In the location and online, information is distributed on subjects such as consent, HIV and STDS, healthy relationships, safe sex, and more.

This spreads further by having the same information in dorm halls, with RA’s having access to condoms and the ability to offer help to any questions or problems. Dorms also hold “safe sex” events, meant to be fun and educational events about sex, contraception, and safety.

Olin boasts that 82 percent of the student body claims to use at least one form of contraception while having sex. According to Olin 23 percent have been tested for HIV through the program, and estimate that 44 percent of the student body was sexually active in the past school year.

You can see where other schools rank below:

Michigan State