There are more apartments coming to East Lansing, but don’t expect to be able to rent them

They’re being built on top of Ricks

We finally know what is going on with all that construction on Albert Avenue. The location where the old Conrads currently resides is being torn down.

That strip, where construction has been going on for months now, also held Noodles and Company, Clever Clover, a Verizon store, and several other businesses. Over the next couple of years, a 12 story building is going to be erected over the demolished remains of previous businesses.

The first floor of the building is going to be retail space, including a small Target. The rest of the space will be designated to constructing 273 apartments to house approximately 400 people. The age of renters is not specified, but with plans for a theatre, computer rooms, and an “amenity deck,” it looks like college students will rule the roost.

Across the street, parking lot number one is going to be demolished, and also replaced with a high rise. The ground level will remain retail space. Above it will be a new parking garage that will boast about 620 spots, 300 of which will be reserved for residents of the apartments above. Students will not be renting these apartments, they are reserved as “active senior housing,” or housing for those aged 55 and above.

Most of the ground space below will be used for walk ways or new roads.

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