BREAKING: Miles Bridges will stay at MSU

“I have some unfinished business”

Miles Bridges will continue to play basketball as a Spartan next year, he announced at a makeshift press conference at Sparty statue today.

There has been much speculation about whether the freshman forward would choose to stay for his sophomore season at MSU or enter the NBA draft. He had until April 23 to make a decision.

Earlier today, Bridges took to Twitter with an open invite to meet him at Sparty at 6pm to hear his decision.

The heavily livestreamed event began with Izzo speaking to the crowd, then handing the mic over to Bridges to make the announcement.

“I have some unfinished business, I want to stay,” is how Bridges told MSU he will play basketball as a Spartan for at least one more year. The crowd burst into cheers, and Izzo jokingly started a “three more years” chant.

Izzo said Bridges never acted like he wanted to leave the team, and Bridges himself admitted that he knew by midseason he wanted to stay.


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