MSU Memes 2.0: March highlights

Looking for another reason to procrastinate? We got you

March was a good month for memes. Spring break and midterms alone have provided plenty of meme material, not to mention our collective realization that the school year is almost over (yikes). MSU Memes 2.0, a Facebook group for Michigan State students headed by beloved MSU professor Rob LaDuca, *obviously* had a meme for every Spartan’s struggles.

Here are some of last month’s highlights. Enjoy, and keep procrastinating.

Wow, I think I have like three in my closet

We feel you, Kevin.

Just when you thought PACE couldn’t stoop any lower…surprise!

In case you forgot. (I’m sure you didn’t.)

Lets not talk about the Kansas game.

Every. Damn. Year.

Ah, so THAT’S what my professor looks like.


Tbh, I’m even afraid to open my email at this point.

Do you even go here if you don’t know this by heart?

…Something something hotbox.

Chic-fil-a is the new student athlete, tbh.

Last, but certainly not least. Feel better, LaDuca!

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