MSU’s attorneys are getting paid almost $1000 an hour for Nassar case

No wonder tuition is so high…

Larry Nassar has dragged up quite a few questions for MSU faculty, alumni, and students alike. The latest being: the attorneys on this case are getting paid at the most $990 per hour and at the least $135 per hour for their investigation into Nassar’s assault cases, and the civil suits against the university itself.

Currently, they are involved with three different law firms to help in those investigations and to represent the university when it comes time to going to court. The Chicago based firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom are the ones making the most out of MSU’s scandals. Since their contract finalized in October, their attorney(s) have been getting paid $990 per hour, and that’s a discounted rate, according to information received from the Lansing State Journal.

The other two firms are Michigan firms, whose rates are lower. Miller Canfield, a Detroit based practice, is charging $455 an hour, and Hackney Grover, which the university uses for medical malpractice, is charging as low as $135 an hour for attorneys.

Out of the approximated hundred thousand that MSU has been billed, around ninety thousand came from Skadden’s firm. In the first two months that they were in contract with MSU they recorded 94 hours of work on the case. The billing information wasn’t released for the other two firms.

These contracts, and influx of thousands of dollars of legal bills for the university, are going to last until the Nassar trials are over. His next preliminary hearing is March 9.

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