MSU’s ultimate power-walking playlist

The right songs will make any journey bearable…for every mood

We all know how boring a winter walk on MSU’s ginormous campus can be: no pretty leaves to look at, no squirrels to distract us and no sun on our faces. That’s where music comes in. A walk without music is just that: a walk. Put in the headphones and it becomes an experience. The walk becomes enjoyable. Even if the weather is dreary and your mood is less than content, songs have the ability to say all the words we need to hear while we say nothing at all.

Next time you start your trek to the Natural Sciences building or exit Wells Hall with your long awaited Starbucks caramel macchiato, pop in your headphones and turn on these tunes. Time will fly by.

When you’re feelin’ good

Maybe you aced that test, got asked out for coffee by that boy or are excited for a night out with your friends. Whatever the reason may be, you’re on another level. And while you don’t need anything to bring you up higher, the right song will keep you in your great mood on the chilly walk to class.

“Brand New” – Ben Rector

This one just feels right when you’re in a good mood. It’s all about feeling confident about who you are, and listening to it will make you feel like you can do anything.


“The Age of Worry” – John Mayer (or literally anything by John Mayer)

One of the happiest low-key John Mayer songs out there. While there’s a John Mayer song for essentially every mood, this short little piece will be sure to make you feel confident, happy and unafraid.

“Sunshine” – Atmosphere

Probably one of the most feel-good songs out there. The lyrics will remind you about the important things in life, and listening can make any day feel like summertime – even when it’s 20 degrees out.

When you’re moody af

Whether it be over a boy, a friend, or just feelings that come outta nowhere, we all have our dreary days – and this time of year, the weather always seems to match. Don’t listen to sad music on your walk across campus, though, because that will only bring you down more. Some relaxing music with important lyrics or a good beat will work just fine.

“Hostage” – Danrell & Smaland

This one has both cool lyrics AND a cool beat. It works perfectly for a bad mood. A moody walk without it just wouldn’t be the same.

Years” – JBM

By now we all know and love the show Shameless, and if you don’t love the soundtrack too, you’re lying. This short song doesn’t have any lyrics, but everything about it feels right when you’re walking to your math class on a sunless day.

“Free Fallin'” (Acoustic) – John Mayer cover

Probably one of the greatest songs of all time. It’s also a super long song, which makes it a great distraction – it could take up a quarter of your walk and you wouldn’t even realize. Some of Mayer’s best work, in my opinion, especially for it not even being his song.

When you’re getting HYPE

It’s Friday, you just got done with classes, and you are ready to go. Get in the mood with the good stuff.

“Dan Bilzerian” – T-Pain feat. Lil Yachty

Say what you want about this song, but it definitely bumps and is guaranteed to make you happy. Yeah, you’ll probably hear it a few times at Sig Ep tonight too, but whatever – learn the lyrics then!

“Old Thing Back” – Matoma & The Notorious B.I.G feat. Ja Rule and Ralph Tresvant

If you don’t know this one, I’m begging you to check it out. One of the happiest upbeat songs out there, and if you know all the lyrics at a frat party you’ll get brownie points, trust me.

“Hollaback Girl” – Gwen Stefani

What better way to get yourself in the mood than with some classic girl power jams. Also, this should be played more at parties. Just sayin’.

Throw these on your playlist, shuffle your music, and enjoy the walk in your own little world.

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