BREAKING: missing MSU student found

David Quang Pham disappeared mid-December while home on break

David Quang Pham, a 20-year-old astrophysics junior at MSU, normally resides at his apartment in Lansing, but when winter break began on December 16, Pham went home to his family in Wyoming, Michigan, a city just south of Grand Rapids. However, his time at home was short lived, as Pham went missing only three days later.

Pham reportedly disappeared from his home on Alger Street early in the morning of Monday, December 19. The missing persons report was filed the next day. Police say he left on foot, was without a phone and left his keys and car at his parents’ house. It was believed that he is without money.

According to information obtained by the Wyoming Police, Pham “has a history of leaving and being off the radar for a few days at a time,” but this disappearance is different than his others, since he had been away for more than ten days at the time of this report. His family reported that he struggles with depression, but other than that is of no other medical or mental health issues. They also searched the areas he tends to go, one notable location being Palmer Park but found he was not there.

On December 30, Pham’s sister took to Facebook to announce that her brother had contacted them and was safe. She thanked everyone who had helped in sharing posts and told them “there is no more reason to worry.”

HEY QUICK PSA:David is safe. He contacted us late this afternoon, and we know where he is. There is no more reason to…

Posted by Linda Pham on Friday, December 30, 2016

She also quickly followed that with a post encouraging people to reach out to anyone who is struggling with depression, as any reminder of their importance can be helpful to their mental state.

FOLLOW UP POST:If you do know anyone who is struggling with depression or anything really. Please reach out to them,…

Posted by Linda Pham on Friday, December 30, 2016

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