Why you already miss MSU

We’re lucky to go to a school with so much to miss

With the stress of finals week off our shoulders, the grades in, and no homework or pressing projects in the back of our minds, it’s finally time to relax. The holiday season is upon us, and we’re surrounded by the family we’ve spent months away from. There is so much good that holiday break brings, and yet every Spartan can’t seem to shake that “I wanna go back to school” feeling. And that’s something special.

East Lansing is filled with some of our greatest memories, favorite places, and lifelong friends – which is why a mere two weeks away somehow feels like forever. There are countless things we crave that we can only find at our second home, Michigan State University.

Spartan game days

Tailgate season. It’s one of the things we all miss most about MSU. The early Saturday morning wakeup calls at 6am were well worth it for that 8am tailgate, preparing for kick-off and surrounded by our Spartan family. Even the numerous losses this season couldn’t stop our (s)partying.

Game days gave us something to look forward to every weekend – whether you actually made it to the game or not. Big Ten schools during football season are the place to be, and MSU does it best, win or lose.

Cozy nights in with the roomie

Let’s be honest – binge watching Netflix shows by ourselves isn’t nearly as fun as doing it with our roommate, our best friend. Sitting in our beds at home and watching one too many episodes of Gossip Girl or The Office by ourselves proves boring and uneventful after a while.

On the other hand, when you’re nuzzled in your cozy dorm or apartment watching show after show with your roomie laying on the futon next to you, snacking on a little too much popcorn and staying up a little too late, it feels like home.

The scenery

We know that fall is the best season at MSU, when we can admire the trees of vibrant colors and the rushing Red Cedar flowing beside us on our lengthy but pleasant walk home. But don’t let the cold of winter discourage you! The trees are covered in sparkling white, there are countless snowmen to keep you entertained, and the weather can give you a new appreciation for the comfort and warmth of your living space.

It might be too cold to thoroughly enjoy long walks through campus, and the Spartan squirrels may have gone into hiding, but we all miss looking out our window and seeing our favorite college campus right outside.

Spartan friends

This is a biggie. The people you meet in college are bound to be the friends you keep for the rest of your life, and no matter how many semesters you’ve been with them, you find yourself missing them a little more each time you say goodbye. Three weeks away from the people we usually spend every day with feels like an eternity, and without the constant laughs and sharing of stories, and it’s hard to find that same dynamic back at home. No one understands us better than our fellow Spartans, and days without them feel a lot less special.

The memories

As if all these things weren’t enough to make us miss our home away from home, the memories we’ve made at MSU are a constant reminder of the life we get to return to in just a few short weeks. Recounting the crazy nights out with the ladies, the chill nights in with close friends, cheering in the stands at MSU’s beloved sporting events, and all the little things in between…these memories reaffirm what we already knew: EL is our happy place.

While we shouldn’t dismiss the great things about being back home – family, old friends, and food that isn’t from the caf – we can’t help but excitedly await the moment we hop in the car back to East Lansing. Being away at school can make us thankful for home, but sometimes being home can make us thankful for the second home we’ve made for ourselves at MSU.

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