On Thanksgiving I missed probably my only chance to meet Tyler Oakley

Give me some space to get over this

I work at a restaurant that happens to serve one protein and one protein only: turkey. I know, kinda weird. Unsurprisingly no day brings more people to the restaurant on Thanksgiving Day; the day we all worship the ones we are glad to have in our lives, and the turkey gods (since the feast is what really matters).

On Thanksgiving we serve a family style dinner to anyone who reserves spot in one of the five hour long time slots; complete with all the stuff your stomach until it bursts staples.

This year was no different. Roughly 1,200 hundred people dined with us and I spent my entire day as an “assistant.” Which essentially means I help the waitresses get drinks, salads, and food out to the table, bus dishes, and do whatever other random task I was told to do for about 10 hours straight. And since we’re so busy, the day and the people I see start to become a blur.

On social media searching the day after Thanksgiving, I found a tweet that suggested a well known MSU graduate happened to grace one of our tables with his family during that packed day.

Being the curious sleuth I am, I dug deeper into the internet to see if Tyler seriously came to this little tourist attraction. And low and behold, it is true.

That is MSU alumnus, YouTube star and gay rights activist Tyler Oakley sitting in what we call the “first dining room” – the dining room I was working in that day. And I didn’t remember catching one wink of him, despite knowing (after analyzing where he was sitting based on the turkey decoration he is petting) that I helped serve tables multiple times right near there.

And I’m not the only one freaking out that we didn’t notice him. Many of past coworkers took to Twitter to vent their frustration about not being there the one year something interesting happens.

All in all, Tyler, if you see this, I hope you enjoyed your time at the restaurant. I understand that it was probably nice for you to not be noticed for once, although I will remain shocked that you were there.

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