A Spartan’s guide to staying stylish in the fall

Spice up your wardrobe with these expert fall fashion tips

Who’s ready for fall and winter fashion?

My fellow lady Spartans, the time has come for your brilliant scarves, sweaters and boots to come out of storage and shine. Rock the winter hats in your lectures. Walk with confidence on Grand River in your knee-high boots. Here are some fall and winter style ideas for you stylish MSU students.

Heeled boot, scarf and vest

Credit to Talulah Cross

Photo: Talulah Cross

This outfit is for those rainy days when you have three exams, loads of ISS homework and not enough Biggby coffee to get you through the day. Heeled boots are a huge shoe trend this fall. To keep your top as stylish as your bottom, add a vest. They are super easy to work with and provide a hood for those rainy days.

Last but not least, remember to accessorize. Yes ladies, scarves are back in season – especially blanket scarves. Treat yourself to some neutral scarves this winter, because the more it goes with, the more you can wear it.

“Timbs” and flannel

Credit to Maddie Beck

Photo: Maddie Beck

For all you wonderful women who rock Timberlands, this one is for you. Don’t be afraid to show your “tomboy” side with some boots and flannel. “Timbs” work well with both jeans and leggings. Add a cozy flannel or a long sleeve graphic t-shirt to finish the look.

Pro tip: This outfit works best on chilly game days – just because the players are frozen on the field doesn’t mean you have to be.

Sweater, leggings and boots

Credit to Paula

Photo: Paula

This will probably be your fallback fall outfit, and that’s not a bad thing. Best accessorized with a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

This style is very easy, fashionable and perfect for a cozy day or evening, which is why it is worn so much. Whether you’re with your girls for Wine Wednesday or a casual coffee date with that boy you’ve been crushing on in your ISB class, sweaters and leggings are crazy comfy and boots with fuzzy socks will keep you warm all day and night.

Knee-high boot, with sweater dress


This look is for that Phoenix Co-Op party you’ve been waiting for all week. It is great for going out on a Saturday night while still staying comfortable. There is just something amazing about knee-high boots; they can make the simplest outfit sexy and chic all while giving you complete support from your ankles to your knees.

Boots like these can be worn with a big sweater and leggings, or a simple t-shirt dress. As it gets colder, it might be a good idea to add a scarf or a winter hat and maybe some tights. Either way, this look will help you shine at Harper’s this weekend!


Considering we are college students with broke-college-student budgets, spending a lot is not an option. But don’t let that discourage you from looking your best. These looks are still achievable – you just have to know where to look. There are a couple of shops on Grand River I would recommend: Pitaya, East Lansing Threads and Clever Clover.

All three of these shops have sweaters, blanket scarves, hats and fuzzy socks. Pitaya has the most fashionable trends and highest quality clothing, for the least amount of money out of the three. It is a fun, trendy and affordable store to keep in mind. The Clever Clover had a huge selection of blanket scarves and huge fuzzy cardigans to chose from. Lastly, East Lansing Threads carries brands like Grit and Vineyard Vines clothing along with a handful of MSU clothing options. It is the most expensive out of the three, but being college students, we know how to look through those clearance sections!

Even if you don’t go to these shops, fall fashion is everywhere around East Lansing. Hopefully these styles and stores will inspire you to show off your own fall style around campus. Who will have the next chic look? Spartans will!



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