MSU freshman removed from sorority after racist Insta, President Simon speaks out

You should see the infuriating tweets she’s since sent out

Earlier this week, Michigan State freshman, Reyna Muck, posted a racist Instagram picture about Ashton Brooks, a black female placekicker from Midland, MI, referring to Ashton as a gorilla. Many have been calling out for Muck to face consequences for her actions, and it seems as though their voices may have been heard. In a Facebook message sent to an individual on Muck’s standing with the sorority, Delta Gamma has established that they have removed her from their sorority, and that they do not tolerate discrimination.

Furthermore, President of Michigan State University, Lou Anna K. Simon, sent out an email to the Spartan community on the matter as well, stating, “On different occasions I have expressed concern about the impact of words or conduct that debase our community and call our core values into question. A deeply offensive recent social media post that has gained national attention is a reminder of the significant and broad impact these kind of actions can have.”

She then goes on to say, “Today the damage inflicted by degrading images and words posted on social media becomes irreparable very quickly. We can condemn, and regret, but hurt and anger can’t be erased by simply deleting a post.” She ends her sentiment with, “Make the effort to recognize inconsiderate or reckless behavior in yourself and others, and take responsibility for it…Our campus must be one where individuals are respected and core values are defended.”

Delta Gamma and President Simon are not the only ones to speak out about the incident. After issuing an apology Muck seems to have taken it back after sending out a series of infuriating tweets after her “apology”.

Adding fuel to the fire, her mother, Jules Muck, has been using Facebook to fight against the backlash her daughter has faced since the offensive Instagram post went out.

As for Ms. Brooks’s response to the situation, she sent out a tweet Tuesday warning people to be careful about what you say and post on the internet. Brooks’s school district, which Muck once belonged to as well, has issued a statement saying that “We are equally offended and upset that our schools and community have been connected to her comments in this matter. The comments made do not reflect the beliefs of our district or schools in any way.”

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