High school seniors: Here’s why you should commit to MSU

Any other school in Michigan… or the nation… would be a mistake

This time of the year is very stressful for seniors. Deciding where to spend the next four years of your life is a big decision, but deciding to go to MSU should clearly be an easy choice. Here’s why:

Academics and Faculty


MSU is ranked in the top 40 public universities in the country. Not to mention, our Supply Chain Management Program is #1 in the entire nation. Not only does our wonderful staff help us grow and succeed, but so do our students. Motivating and helping each other out is what we do best.

Spartan Spirit


Every day, thousands of people on campus rep their green and white gear in pride. Everyone here is proud to be a Spartan because….why wouldn’t you be? The positive energy around campus (that especially comes out during game day) is definitely something not to miss. If someone yells “Go Green!” at you, you’re initial response is “Go White!” without even thinking twice.



The Spartans finished top four this year in football, making it to the Cotton Bowl. Every year, our basketball team is basically unstoppable, excluding this year (Middle Tennessee… HOW). Anyway, my point here is that not only do we have so many talented athletes at this school, going to games and actually witnessing it is something you can’t describe. Being surrounded by thousands of others students in green and white at Spartan Stadium or the Breslin is definitely something you have to experience for yourself.


Whether it’s sunny in late August or snowing in January, the scenery on campus is always breathtaking. There’s never a dull moment when walking to class no matter what time of year. Seeing the lights of the Spartan head on the stadium at night is a sight to see.

The Food


The sound of cafeteria food never really seems appetizing, but MSU kills this stereotype. With over 10 cafs spread all over campus, students have tons of options every day wherever they might be. Brody and Landon are big favorites, but any caf has quality food. Off campus dining basically surround MSU’s campus. When walking down Grand River, you can find any restaurant you’re in the mood for.



Everyone knows where to go after an insane football victory. Cedar Village gets filled with hyped up students running around chanting and setting couches on fire… Yeah, sounds crazy (and illegal) but it has become a Spartan tradition and is a blast to witness the craziness.

Michigan State