Why I support dressing like a slob for class

The face with bags under your eyes from studying until 3am the night before is normal

There are usually two types of girls you see in class: Girls  with a nice outfit and makeup on, and girls who essentially look like they’re “bumming it”. If you’re unaware with the term “bumming it”, it basically means wearing baggy clothes with undone hair and zero makeup. You could say I fall into this category.

Girls who look like this are usually stereotyped and give off the impression that they just rolled out of bed after getting a few hours of sleep and are a mess. This is not true. I make the choice to not to wear makeup during the school week. I wake up in the morning and have time to get breakfast and get to class on time, and my life is indeed not a mess.

No, I’m not saying that just because I don’t wear makeup to class means I’m the most confident person in the world, it means that it’s okay to show your natural face. The face with pimples. The face with bags under your eyes from studying until 3am the night before.

In high school, I was told that I looked different with and without makeup on. For a long time, I found this insulting and was pretty humiliated.  I soon realized that looking different with and without makeup on is 100% normal. The reason we put on makeup is why? To enhance a facial feature, or cover up a pimple. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against wearing makeup. But no girl should feel obligated to wear makeup because she is embarrassed of what she looks like without it. Yup, I breakout and get pimples on my face. I have bags under my eyes from lack of sleep. I have uneven skin tone. All of these “flaws” are what makes humans, humans. We should never be ashamed of our natural look because under the makeup, other girls have these “flaws” too.

Next time you’re getting ready for class, think about if you’re getting ready for others or for yourself. Never go out of your way to put on makeup and nice clothes for others’ approval. Be confident in your decisions and have pride in “bumming it”.

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