How to survive the week before spring break

I know it’s hard but I promise you will make it through

That dreaded week has come upon us. The week before spring break. Whether you’re headed out of town to somewhere warm and sunny or just going home to cuddle with your dogs on the couch all day (like me), you’ve been looking forward to this hiatus from school since the beginning of the semester. Here are some tips to getting through those exams in order to see the beautiful warm, golden light at the end of the tunnel.

1. #TreatYoSelf

Yeah I said it, eat in one of the several buffets we have on campus aka dinning halls. Or order that Cottage Inn pizza you’ve been craving. Maybe even give Insomnia a ring and get the sugar rush package that includes 12 different cookies. Your #TreatYoSelf moment may be fulfilling that online shopping addiction you have (I’m right there with you) go ahead and buy that super cute dress you’ve been looking at for formal or that new pair of nikes. They’re worth it!

2. Go to the gym.

Quoting my dear friend Elle Woods, “Working out gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy.” It’s true, there is a chemical called endorphin in your brain that gets produced more when you work out and actually does make you happy. You may be like me and think “well I really have no motivation to g.o and need to finish this paper…” but GO ANYWAY!!!! I promise that the second you start some cardio you’re mood changes and you feel so much more empowered after!

3. Do take some time for your classes.

I know this might be the last thing on your mind especially if you’re going out of town, but how tragic would it be if you are having an amazing spring break vacation and get that dreaded email from the registrars office saying that you failed that huge exam you had the day before you left. Yeah that would suck. So think of spring break as a reward for studying/nailing your exam!

4. Get organized.

Picture this: It’s 1:30am the night before you’re suppose to fly to Mexico with you’re best friends. Clothes cover your bedroom floor and you’re sitting on top of your suitcase in a sad attempt to stuff every last item into it. You suddenly realize that  your passport and plane ticket are nowhere in sight. Had you taken a second to place them in a safe spot four days earlier, you wouldn’t be having this problem. Now you’re scrambling to find them and still get a decent amount sleep because you know you won’t be sleeping during the coming week.

5. Reassurance.

Repeat after me “After ____ more classes, I will be in warm, sunny weather on a  beach.”  It’s that simple I promise. I’m not sure about you guys but knowing that I only have 2 more bio classes until I’m home with my dogs makes me more excited than ordering the Cottage Inn pizza I mentioned earlier.

This week will be long, it will feel like forever but you will make it! And when you do you will have lots of fun, amazing memories and maybe even a nice tan. Safe travels my fellow Spartans.

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