Every type of person you see while walking to class

No one really understands that guy in a t-shirt in 20 degree weather

The MSU student body is undoubtedly a unique bunch. Although some may qualify these types of people as “strange”, I embrace it, as should all of you. The combination of these people is what makes Michigan State, Michigan State. We have all witnessed these types of people while walking to class.

1. The person who looks like they’re talking to themselves

We all have seen these people and at first glance, we think they’re crazy. These people look like they’re having a conversation with themselves, but in reality are talking on the phone. Using headphones while on the phone  definitely confuses some people… If you see someone talking to the air in front of them, they are most likely just updating mom on life… or they are indeed crazy.

2. The person who puts on a concert for everyone 

I’m not quite sure if these people notice that everyone who walks past them can hear their music. But regardless of that, these people jam on their way to class. You either walk by someone and hardcore judge their horrendous music taste, or you notice that they’re listening to your jam and from then on you establish an unspoken bond.

3. The person who with no coat on in the cold
We can all agree that the East Lansing winters are not something to take lightly. I can guarantee that you will eventually catch a cold walking to class without a coat on. The harsh winds will nearly knock you down and if you’re not wearing proper gear, well… you’re toast. There’s always that one kid casually strolling the sidewalks in a t-shirt in 20 degree weather. No one really understands this.
4. The person who is on a life or death mission
There’s always that one person who walks to class like their entire life depends on it. These people refuse to be a minute late. They will do anything to be on time, even if that means bumping into you along the way. They are constantly weaving through the crowd of people on the sidewalk .  As long as they make it to their destination, they’re happy.
5. The crammer
We’ve all seen these people frantically walking to class with study guide in hand as they recite the material they’re about to be tested on in 10 minutes. Watch out for these  people on the sidewalks because they will most likely run into you. Keep an eye out for them and wish them good luck… they’ll most likely need it.
6. The slow walker
Nothing is worse than trying to awkwardly pass someone who is walking at the pace of a turtle. Hopefully they get the hint when you’re standing just inches behind them.
7. The lost new kid who is obviously using their phone to navigate themselves throughout campus, but trying to be sly about it
If you’re going to use your Maps app to find your way around campus, at least try to be low key about it… or ask someone for help. Us Spartans are warm and welcoming and are more than willing to help a lost student. If you don’t want to ask someone, at least turn down Siri’s volume as she guides you to class.
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