A new app is connecting Greeks around the country

Not only are you going to know your sisters on campus but you’re gonna be able to know them across the country

OneGreek app creators Gavin Gene and Sam Dakota are hoping the new update that is set to launch before the end of the month will change the way greeks around the country connect with not only those at their school, but with those in other chapters all around the country.

I have been asked “Well why can’t we just use Instagram or something?” OneGreek is specific to those members of greek life and connects us all more than we are now. There are close to 60 greek letter organizations at Michigan State ranging from traditional fraternities and sororities, but also including newer groups like an engineering sorority or a pre-law fraternity. With having all the groups on campus, there is no way to know of even half. But with the OneGreek app, you have the ability to see what everyone on your campus is up to!

I downloaded the app back in late November when I heard about it from a Sigma Kappa sister of mine. Right away I loved the idea of  seeing what others at Michigan State and around the nation were doing and I post on the app frequently. The launch of the update will change the entire look of the app but make it more user friendly and fun to see what others on your campus are doing.

Personally, I have seen posts from people at MSU at events that I had no idea were even happening. Although I was unable to be there, the reason I now know that they exist is because of this app and I will be able to go to those events next year to support others in the Greek community. Luckily, I was able to talk to co-founder Gavin Gene about the update and the goals for the app.

What gave you the idea for OneGreek? How did you start it?

OneGreek started when Sam and I realized that we both wanted a platform where we could rep our letters and see how other Greeks rep theirs.

What is new about the update?

What we launched in November was a small test to see how quickly Greeks would jump at the opportunity to connect and share. What we launch in February is a fully immersive social experience, just for Greeks. A ton of features will be added and everything will be new. Except the community, of course.

How will this better connect Greeks?

Right now, there is no way for Greeks to connect. If you want to know what Greek life is like at another university, where do you go? How about if you want to connect with other chapters of your organization, or explore the lifestyle of the most influential chapter in the country? What if you want to meet Greeks at your school or somewhere else? OneGreek is the answer to all of those questions, and thats just the beginning.

What is your goal for the update?

By the end of the semester, every active member in the US will know that OneGreek is the app for Greek life.

How and why did you collaborate with CollegeWeekly?

College Weekly is the perfect partner. Their focus is creating amazing content that expresses the legitimacy of being greek and our focus is giving Greeks the ability to share that content. We’ve partnered with them to release a series called Tending Houses, featuring chapters that get trending on the app.

Here is what greek members at Michigan State are saying on campus:

Kylie Doyle (left), Sigma Kappa

“OneGreek is an awesome app because it allows me to see what others on campus are doing when I’m not there.”

Lauren Wallenfels, Sigma Delta Tau

“It’s interesting to be able to connect with others in greek life at MSU and across the country.”

Samantha Basirico, Delta Gamma 

“I love being able to see other DG’s at other schools.”

The new update was sent to the app store for review on February 1st. Gavin and Sam can say with lots of certainty that the update will be ready for users anytime after Valentines Day. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, do it now! And if you already have, keep waiting patiently for the new version. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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