UMD is the 19th most sexually active college in the country

We beat Penn State

The University of Maryland has been ranked as the 19th most sexually active college in the U.S., with its student body averaging 4.18 sexual partners.

College Stats surveyed 2,000 current and former college students to find out their “frequency of intercourse, the most sexually active campuses, the average number of partners, and the use of protection.”

Topping the ranking as the most sexually active campus is Temple University in Philadelphia, averaging 10.80 sexual partners. Temple is followed by Rutgers in second place with 9.33 sexual partners and Texas A&M in third with 8.30.

Overall, the survey found that both men and women have close to five sexual partners while in college, averaging 4.98 and 4.90 respectively.

When asked if they wear protection, 38 percent of respondents answered that they always use condoms, 24 percent said usually, 15 percent said never, 14 percent said sometimes, and four percent said they only do when their partner asks.

The survey also broke down the percentage of respondents who use protection by gender and found that there was an equal number of responses between men and women who always use condoms, with a slightly higher number of men who never do (53 percent). Additionally, out of the four percent who said they only wear protection when their partner asks, 75 percent of respondents were men.

College Stats also cited an interactive Sexual Exposure Calculator for students to calculate the number of partners they have been indirectly exposed to within six degrees of connection. The calculator asks for your number of sexual partners as well as an estimated average for how many partners each of your partners had before you, along with the country, state and city you live in. The reason for the Sexual Exposure Calculator, whose results might be shocking, are to “hopefully have users think again about precarious relations.”

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