So ladies, it’s your first night out at Terrapin’s Turf

This is everything that’s going to happen

Ah. The night has come. Your first night out at the University of Maryland. You are so excited to step into your adult life and party like it’s 1985. You’re ready to dance the night away so where else would you go?

Terrapin’s Turf of course.

Even though you’re brimming with excitement, one question continues to radiate throughout your mind demanding an answer: how the hell do you prepare for this night? Luckily for you, there’s a few things you need to come rolling in to Turf with and a few things to expect.

What to wear

They ask me what I do and who I do it for

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Your outfit essentially must be the two versions of cool: cool as in hip and cool as in you won’t break a sweat the moment you walk through the doors. If you opt for a dress avoid something too tight, however, because it will ride up and give you a wedgie that you’ll end up wishing you could simply forget about.

Just because you don’t want it to be uncomfortably tight doesn’t mean that it can’t be hot or sexy though. Pick something that accentuates the body features you want to show off and makes you look the best you can. You want something that will give you confidence when you’re at Turf.

You will look in the mirror and smile at yourself. You’re ready to flaunt what you know you have.

When you get there

To the first of many great years at UMD. #elkton4

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After arriving at Turf, you start to realize that, at night, Turf seems to look much more like a night club than a bar. You’ll order the drink you want but, as a girl, you don’t have to worry about dropping more than a few dollars on a drink. A guy will come up to you after the first drink, slyly flirt with you, and offer to buy you more drinks. You may think that this is nice at first but then you realize that he may simply want to get you drunk so that he can take you home.

While you drink, you realize that there is an abundant amount of people dancing. But, can you call what a majority of these people are doing really dancing? They’re grinding like it’s a homecoming dance in high school. It may look quite awkward in your opinion and you may make it your pledge to keep at least a hand-length between you and the person you’re dancing with.

Once you need to go to the bathroom, you’ll head over to the restrooms but guess what? You’ll be waiting 10-20 minutes to use the toilet because the line is always so long. You’ll need to grab a friend to come with you if you’re willing to wait in line.

End of the night

Hotter than the sun, more dangerous than a gun

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Even though you don’t want to leave and just stay there all night, you figure that you might as well have a bed to sleep on. Sleeping on the bar doesn’t seem like the move to you.

However, right when you’re about to leave you see a very attractive guy and decide to go on the prowl. You don’t want to make it obvious, so you tell your friend to start dancing and bump you into the cute guy. It goes well but you’re unsure if you want to go home with him on the first night. So, you use Turf as an excuse. You explain how “drunk” your friend is and how you need to take her home. Ironically enough, you’re the one puking in the toilet by the end of the night and I promise you, that this will happen to every other girl who was shaking her booty on the Turf dance floor.

Every night at Turf is going to be a new adventure for you and you’ll experience new things every time you go but these things are memories you will definitely have, once you pick out the right outfit, of course. Maybe after you spend your first night out at Turf, you’ll come back for happy hour one day and pretend that you’re an upperclassman who has done this all before.

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