There is no chance of Trump clinching Maryland

It’s not going to happen

Even if we are unsure who will win the presidential election, there is one thing we can be sure of this election season – Trump will not win the state of Maryland by any means possible.

According to polls released by FiveThirtyEight on the 2016 election forecast, Clinton has a 99.5 percent chance of clinching the state of Maryland, compared to Trump’s abysmal likelihood of 0.4 percent.

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Additionally, the New York Times released statistics on the eight states that are much more Democratic than most. Maryland falls on this spectrum with 98 percent of its population registered and certified as Democratic. Other news publications have put Maryland in the Democratic spectrum with over 99 percent of its citizens identifying themselves as Democrats.

Sorry Trump. You can come down here and shower us with bushes of blue crabs and Maryland still will not switch their allegiance to you.

University of Maryland