UMD is one of the top 100 universities in the world

We moved up four spots from last year

The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) recently published its list of the top 1000 colleges and universities in the world.

The University of Maryland, College Park was ranked 68th. This means that UMD is now within the top seven percent of this list and the top .20 percent of the 25,000+ colleges worldwide.

11954770_1020711841306281_3448461746094154068_nNine factors were taken into consideration when creating the rankings. These determinants include the national rank, which is based on which country each college is located in, the scores of quality of education, alumni employment, quality of faculty, publications, influence, citations, broad impact and patents, along with the overall score given by the CWUR.

Although UMD ranked at 68th, the overall score given to this university was much higher at 52.99. Within the United States, UMD is the ranked as the 43rd best university.

The CWUR prides itself on being the only organization that publishes global university rankings based on each of these nine factors without using surveys and university data submissions to influence their scores. The methodology that the CWUR uses in their rankings includes determining the scores of several factors based on extremely high accolades. For example, the alumni employment score is measured by the number of the university’s alumni who have obtained CEO positions and the quality of faculty score is measured by the number of leaders at the university who have won major international awards, prizes and medals.

Compared to last year, UMD has moved up in its rankings. It was listed as the 72nd best university in last year’s list while obtaining the 68th spot this year.

University of Maryland