‘We shouldn’t be the ones paying for someone else’s mistake’: Brides left in limbo after Alfred Angelo nationwide shutdown

Customers have no idea if they’ll be able to get the items they have already paid for

Finding the perfect wedding dress/ bridesmaid dress is the dream for a bride-to-be. Having the store close down abruptly and having no idea if you’ll get your perfect dress is a nightmare. Unfortunately, this nightmare turned reality for many women across the country Thursday.

Alfred Angelo, a popular bridal shop, closed its doors nationwide the night of July 13th, without letting any of their customer know of the news. The company filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy in Florida, where it’s home office is located.

According to employees, they had no idea that the store was closing until a couple hours before being told to shut the doors for good. Customers nationwide showed up to the storefronts the next morning demanding information on the items they already paid for.

“I understand that employees didn’t receive any warning, but wedding planning is stressful and this is not a situation anyone prepared for. I just hope that I am able to get my bridesmaid dress before the wedding comes around” says Jacqueline, an Alfredo Angelo customer.

Biby Romero, an affected bride-to-be, states, “When I first heard the news I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know what to do, I simply didn’t know how to react.”

When asked about what the company should do to make it up to their customers, she simply hopes “They begin an apology or any type of statement would be nice. Being left in the dark is incredible stressful and irritating. They should also refund the money that many put down for their dresses. It’s unfair how they kept this from us and we shouldn’t be the ones paying for someone else’s mistake.”

Other brides-to-be across the nation have taken to social media to express their feelings over the situation.

As of now, Alfred Angelo has not released any statement regarding their bankruptcy or closure of stores.

Fortunately not all hope is lost, many women have started reaching out on social media, offering to give their wedding dresses to some of these brides in need. David’s Bridal is also offering special discounts to those affected.


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