Meet Wallburg’s own rising country star, Taylor Mason

All she’s missing is the crowd surfers

Just over a year ago, high school senior Taylor Mason shared a video of a song she had written on Facebook. Since then, she’s been writing and performing all over North Carolina and making her friends and family from Davidson County proud. It’s inspirational to watch her make her dreams come true. She answered some questions for those of us that are living vicariously through her musical endeavors.

What do you think makes your songs so relatable?

One thing that most folks know about me, is that I cannot lie. Morally and physically, it ain’t right for one, but for two, I turn beet-red . Within my personality and the way I have been known to carry myself, there is a certain sense of vulnerability I possess. This allows comfort in listeners, allowing a connection. The connection is real-life events, not a typical fairy-tale. It is all about digging deeper, putting in the extra mile to find the hearth of the mindset of the song. It’s all about finding the happy medium where no lines are crossed. When trying to pick out catchy tunes and witty lines, I always refer to the late, great, Merle Haggard. He once said, “all you need is three chords and the truth.”

What’s your favorite song you’ve written?

Delaney with these killer questions! Shoot fire, apple butter, grab a cow, and squeeze an utter. Is there a right or wrong answer? I could be biased and answer, “Wallburg”. Honestly, since “Wallburg,” in my one year that I have had to write and experiment with all sorts of genres of music, I have flourished and broadened my songwriting skills. Especially since I was fortunate to get to work hand-and-hand with one of Austin, Texas’ finest Blues guitarists, Sue Foley, in a songwriting course at Catawba College, where I am until 2020-ish .

I just wrote one a couple of days ago entitled, “That Girl’s Me”. The chords in the bridge are groovy, and the song gives an illusion of a hurricane throughout. Once it goes through the grit of the song, the bridge offers a susceptible tone for the listener, drawing them in (the calm after the storm). This song was a new challenge for me. I had never extensively written in an exaggerated metaphorical state. It’s a neck-and-neck battle as of right now between those two. “Wallburg” is in the lead, “That Girl’s Me” trails close behind.

When did you first realize your videos were going viral?

I strategically posted on a Friday evening. Most the time, whether we want to confess it or not, we are caught up in our phones during supper times. Perfect time to check Facebook, which is where I primarily advertise my content. I noticed several shares by that Saturday afternoon, and by that Sunday night, that sucker had 25,000 views and 500+ shares. That was the point and time, for lack of better words, a fire was lit under my rear.

If you could perform anywhere, where would you choose?

As an aspiring singer/songwriter of country music, my number one goal as of now is to play the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN. I want to do everything I can to eventually tour the US, getting to play at my hometown amphitheaters and coliseums. If it is laid out in my path of career/careers to play at such places, even as an opening act, that is when I will know I have really impacted lives musically and nationally. In the meantime, I would kill to get to play a show at Coyote Joes in Charlotte, NC.

Taylor and her “bluegrass virtuousity friends” at the Ryman

What’s the biggest inspiration for your song writing?

I take this question a couple of different ways. I have other artists who inspire me as well as categories. My songwriting inspirations, as it may show are Loretta Lynn, Miranda Lambert, Chris Stapleton, and Merle Haggard. They all have simple yet complex styles of music. Their sounds are all distinct, which I have been told myself, that I offer a distinct styling in my music, which I take as a compliment.

the number one thing I find myself writing about is, I know, gag me, relationships. These aren’t always your lovey-dovey relationships, oh no. As many songs as there are about romanticizing situations, there are just as many on the other side of the spectrum. I find myself, ugh, having to revisit the past. As a songwriter, I must find the equilibrium in my job versus personal life. This is where folks make it or break it. It’s a cut-your-teeth lifestyle. So why not make that music truthful for the folks? That ties back into why my music is relatable. I don’t tell folks what they want to hear, I tell ‘em what they need to hear.

Pick someone to do a duet with

Without a doubt, it’d be my Texas crush, Cody Johnson. Everything he writes is a hit. Everything falls into place, every time. Cody can play the fire out of a guitar, which promotes his unplugged shows, which resolves a much better outcome in the long-run. 

What’s your favorite thing about Wallburg?

Growing up, I could see my community of Wallburg enhance over the years. No matter how much things change, somehow, they all stay the same. The same lady calls out names in the car rider line at the elementary school, your teachers care about you and would speak to you at the grocery store.

Honestly, location is about the best thing Wallburg has to offer. Wallburg is close to Winston-Salem, can be to Kernersville as quick as you can be to Lexington, High Point, and Thomasville. Wallburg is a couple of hours from the mountains, and three hours to the beach. Don’t know why you’d live anywhere else. Education system is solid, Chopstix is delicious, and the farms are gorgeous. Almost forgot, everyone recognizes my Jeep and will wave, honk, and holler mid-lane.

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