Everything that makes Kalamazoo the best city in Michigan, America and probably the world

Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo

When you’re from Michigan you have a map of the state wherever you go – your hand. And when someone asks you where you’re from, you hold it up and point to southwest Michigan, home of Kalamazoo. Kalamazoo is the best place to grow up, the best place to go home to for weekends, holidays, and summer. Here’s everything that makes Kalamazoo home.

It’s the home of Bells Beer

When you think of home, you think of beer. Kalamazoo is the home of Bells Brewery that gives the world beers such as Oberon, Two-Hearted Ale and more. Bells is one of Kalamazoo’s biggest tourist attraction and native’s favorite spot to get a cold brew.

The Beer Exchange

Growing up in Kalamazoo you never got to go here, but now that you’re 21 you and your friends are making up for lost years. Nothing’s better than waiting for the stock market to crash so you can get a $3 Two Hearted Ale.

Taste of Kalamazoo

During this special weekend in the summer you don’t eat all day to prepare yourself for the delicious Kalamazoo food that you’re going to indulge in. I’ll take a gyro, a deep fried Oreo, and kettle corn please.

Following my dreams day by day.? #TasteOfKalamazoo

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Crow’s Nest

Every Kalamazoo native knows that the best breakfast spot in town is Crow’s Nest. It’s quaint and unique charm screams Kalamazoo. But don’t be surprised when you go in for a weekend brunch and have to wait two hours for a table for two. In 2013 it was named the second best breakfast spot in Michigan!

Treat Street

If you’re from Kalamazoo getting Treat Street ice cream is exactly what its name says it is, a treat, and a great childhood memory. The superman cone will always be your favorite.

Water Street Coffee

Only the true coffee lovers of Kalamazoo frequent here instead of the coffee chains. It’s the best coffee in town.

Sweetwater’s Donut Mill

Sweetwater’s was the only reason you ran errands with mom, and when you grew up and could drive yourself, it was the only cure for your 2am sweet tooth craving; it’s definitely worth breaking curfew for. From butterscotch, to Oreo, to your classic donut with sprinkles, Sweetwater’s has any donut you could ever want.

Derek Jeter

Forget Tigers players, in Kalamazoo our favorite baseball player is Derek Jeter, born and raised in Kalamazoo and a Kalamazoo Central High School graduate.

Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo

When you tell people where you live, most of the time they’ll give you a quizzical look or not believe that it’s a real city name. Kalama-what? KalamaZOO! Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo, and thank goodness there is! In local gas stations and locally owned stores, there are stickers, t-shirts, key chains, and more with that iconic phrase.

The Kalamazoo Promise

If you grew up in Kalamazoo and went to Kalamazoo Public Schools, you had you in-state public college tuition paid for. Thanks, Kalamazoo.

The lakes

Growing up in Kalamazoo means you grew up on a lakes. Everyone knows that summertime in Michigan is best spent on the lake. You learned to be a pro tuber, how to waterski and wakeboard. Thanks to The Great Lake State, you’ll always be a freshwater lover.

Al Sabo 

It’s one of Kalamazoo’s natural treasures that never gets old. You enjoyed bike rides and walks through the wooded trails when you were a kid, sat at the tree of life and pondered life when you were a teenager, and now that you’re grown up, you still enjoy all of these things and appreciate its beauty.

You’re a born and raised Bronco fan

Even if you’re a MSU or U of M student or alum, you’ll always be a die-hard Broncos fan. You went to your first Bronco football game at 10 years old or sooner, and you always have a WMU t-shirt in your closet ready to wear when you come home for a game. Forever RTB.


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