Woman admits she lied about being raped by two Sacred Heart University football players

They had their scholarships revoked as a consequence of the initial allegations

Nikki Yovino, 18, of South Setauket, NY has been charged with falsely reporting being raped by two Sacred Heart University football players, as well as fabricating physical evidence in connection to an incident at Sacred Heart University party hosted by the football team.

According to the NY Post, after any allegations were previously made by Yovino that were held to be inconsistent with her original story, she eventually came clean and stated that the allegations of rape were false.

According to the affadavit, she had wanted to gain sympathy from a potential boyfriend. It was reportedly the first thing she could think to do so to not lose the trust and loyalty of the prospective boyfriend.

The two football players, whose identities will remain anonymous, had originally had their scholarships revoked and were suspended from the team as the allegations had erupted.

Investigators had stated that Yovino claimed two football players had begun taking turns sexually assaulting her in the basement bathroom of the house. Both men, however, admitted to having purely consensual sex with Yovino.

Yovino was released on a $5,000 bond, but still faces up to five years in prison on a federal charge of tampering if convicted. Yovino is said to take to court March 3rd and she is predicted to plead not guilty.

Sacred Heart University student Jenna Larson, 20, Biology and Education major had a couple thoughts about the story: “I feel bad for the two football players that were accused of doing something they didn’t do.  That could have potentially ruined their athletic careers at Sacred Heart and even their futures. I also don’t understand why someone would lie about such a serious thing.”

The story also struck a chord with Sacred Heart University student Matthew Sigler, 21, English major: “If she is tried and found to be truly guilty then she should have any financial aid revoked and forced off of teams that she may be on. She should face the same punishment the school imposed on the two male athletes.”

Yovino is listed on her Facebook profile as a current student at Sacred Heart University and Suffolk County Community College, studying psychology and pre-med.

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