Everything you need to check off your bucket list while attending Sacred Heart University

A complete guide to the best school on earth

The absolutely beautiful Sacred Heart University has an entire bucket list worth of things that every student has to complete before they graduate. No matter how small or how big they are, they still make for a perfect profile picture or something to look back on down the road. In order to make the most out of Sacred Heart, take it from a future graduate as my time here is almost up.

All of these activities in the realm of Sacred Heart University are quite literally designed to help you create memories, build new friendships, and make sure you have a story to laugh about the next day. The memories accompanying the photos will last a lifetime.

Get a pic with Big Red

This is mandatory. At some point in your four years at SHU, you must get a photo with Big Red.

It’s just an unwritten rule of the university. Plus, you get an Insta post out of it that will rack up the likes.

See a Broadway show through SHU

These shows prices are knocked all the way down to a $40 payment, at most, for a decent seating arrangement at the theatre.

In addition to that, there’s usually three shows being offered at a time. Nothing better.

Go to Reds at least once in your college career

The campus bar – nothing better than getting a cold one after a long day of classes and just hanging out. Also, the food is beyond heavenly.

This is the spot to be during the week, and if you haven’t gone yet, what are you doing?

Go to the spring concert… just go

Even if the performer is not your favorite, just do it for the memories and the story.

It’s an excuse to get all dressed up with your squad and party the night away. Why not?

Explore the nightlife in Fairfield 

The bars and clubs in downtown Fairfield are among some of the best I’ve been to. Get a good crew to come with and you’re in for a great night of bar-hopping and tons of great memories.

Downtown Fairfield is perfect even if you’re just looking for a bite to eat! They have great places down there.

Join a club

Probably the most important one on this list. Joining clubs is a great way to meet people and get involved on campus. 

To Write Love On Her Arms of Sacred Heart University, Executive Board

Rush for Greek Life

Greek Life is one of the most exciting things to participate in on campus. It’s a surefire way to meet lifelong friends and make some of the best memories. Unfortunately, I had to disaffiliate because of a very busy schedule, but if it works for you it’s an absolute must to try it out.

Connect with at least one professor

Some of your professors can literally be like your best friends. Sometimes they’ll even trust you enough to give you their number in case you need to text/call them for help on an assignment, or just to say hi. You’ll meet several of them who will be your biggest cheerleaders. Stay in touch with them.

Pursue your passion

The point of college (besides education) is to evolve your passions. This is hands down the most rewarding part of going to Sacred Heart for me. No matter what you do, do it with passion or not at all. Whether you’re a choir nerd, a theatre kid, or a D1 athlete, as Nike says, just do it.


Senior week is the epitome of day-drinking and partying all night with your best pals as a last ‘hurrah’ before adult life hits you like a train. Make sure you participate in this one, because it’s sure to be jam-packed with some of the best blurry memories you’re possibly not going to remember. It’s the last thing you are ever going to do at SHU, besides graduate, of course.

The point of this list is to do things you would not normally put yourself out there to do. There is simply no other way to graduate college than with a thousand stories to look back on.

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