It’s finally Christmastime at Sacred Heart University

And it’s time to act accordingly

‘Tis the season! Christmas is surely the most wonderful time of the year. If you’re anything like me, you love decorating the tree, looking at all the Christmas lights and just spending time with family and friends — a good old fashioned Christmas. At Sacred Heart University, the holidays are certainly cherished and celebrated. There are tons of different things going on around campus to get everybody into the Christmas spirit.

A Christmas Choral Extravaganza: The Colors of Christmas

Being the president of quite a marvelous Choral Program, it was only obvious I would put this one first — the annual Christmas concert. The Choir Program hosts a theme for each concert of the year, with this concert’s theme being “The Colors of Christmas.” It’s certainly a special event for families and students to enjoy to get in the Christmas spirit. The band and dance programs also do similar Christmas-themed performances.

[Sacred Heart University Choral Program]


In all caps because it’s the best part, obvs. Sacred Heart is all about the decorations. I’m talking Christmas trees lit in different colors and beautiful wreaths decked all over campus. When the Christmas trees light up at night, you can’t help but feel excited for the approach of Christmastime…as well as the approach of Christmas break for a month!

Christmas Mass Service

It’s a general agreement that no matter what religion you affiliate with (or none at all), everyone loves to stop by the Chapel of the Holy Spirit either for guidance, peace or prayer. Each year, there are multiple spiritual Christmas-themed services held in the Chapel. The services are very peaceful, filled with song, and unite everyone together. Sometimes everyone needs to stop and remember the true meaning and origin of Christmas.

Organizational Social Events: Christmas Edition

In college, mostly around Christmastime, most or all organizations will host some social event or fundraiser that is Christmas-themed. This can include events such as an ugly-sweater contest, a Christmas-themed movie night and so on. It’s a fun way for the people in the organization to come together and have some fun in light of the holiday season. No worries, it’s a dry campus — no spiked eggnog here. 

Giving back

Giving back to the community is something that Sacred Heart is huge on, especially during this time. SHU students are huge on remembering those less fortunate and doing everything in their power to help those out. The Volunteer Program at SHU hosts volunteer opportunities for soup kitchens, food banks, local schools, and senior centers. During this time these opportunities are especially important for the students of Sacred Heart to take advantage of, and a large amount of students take it upon themselves to make the difference.

Sacred Heart University holds a variety of different events throughout the month of December (well, half of it!) from personal fun to spiritual to communal work. In the end we’re all celebrating the same holiday, some of us in different ways and by different means, but these events certainly have a way of bringing the student body together for the season.

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