JMU named second most Instagrammed place in Virginia

Let us all pretend to be surprised

Remembering Hailey Moore

Forever a JMU Duke

UPDATE: Harrison suspect has been taken into custody

Law enforcement will continue on-scene investigation

BREAKING: Police assure there is no gunman on loose in Harrison threat

However, they warn it is not safe to return to evacuated buildings

BREAKING: Trump graffiti on campus

This is why we can’t have nice things

JMU ranked 9th best college food

But we all know we’re really the best

Despite public backlash, JMU students support FROG orientation letter

The list went viral and received very mixed reviews

UPDATE: JMU student sentenced to 100 days in jail for registering 18 dead Virginians to vote

This should be a wake-up call that voter fraud is (still) a real issue

Update: University says there were no actual clowns at JMU

JMU confirmed that the sighting happened on another campus

Breaking: There was allegedly a creepy clown sighting at JMU last night

A mob of students attempted to hunt the clown down with baseball bats

JMU ranked fifth most beautiful college campus

Things we’re not surprised about: this

Canaan Smith to headline fall concert

Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!

JMU ranks low on LGBT campus pride

And many students weren’t surprised

Breaking: Protest in Harrisonburg to fire city employee

The crowd is chanting, ‘hey hey, ho ho, Ergenbright has got to go!’

Harrisonburg voted 6th favorite hometown in America

It’s better than Disney World… literally