The best JMU pick-up lines to send your sweetheart this Valentines Day

When I see you, Ikenberry breathe!

It's the sappiest time of year, where guys, girls, and every identity in between are pairing up and crowding restaurants in hopes of either finding love or bumping uglies at the end of the night. The Tab JMU is here to help you win over the JMU Duke you swiped right on on Tinder and have been casually wooing for about three days now!

These pick-up lines and valentines were crowdsourced from The Tab JMU team, Twitter and this Breeze article.

"I'd walk all the way to ECL for you."

"You're not just a snack. You're a double punch."

"I'd like to make like East Campus and ISAT on your face."

"Are you the financial aid office? Because I can see you screwing me for the rest of the semester."

"Wanna explore my Taylor Down Under?"

"You're the real Top Dog on campus."

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"I'd retake COB 300 for you."

"Dukes Step Up! Tonight's not the night…for you to forget that I love you."

"I get all Moody when I think about you."

"When I see you, Ikenberry breathe."

"I'll have you screaming more than the ISAT alarm."

"Let's make like a freshman dorm and start a fire."

"You're just like Eagle: tall, hot, and full of sexually frustrated youth."

"Be the Rose to my Carrier?"

"I don't need the kissing rock to make out with you this Valentine's Day."

Got any better pickup lines? Did any of these work for you? Leave a comment down below and let us know how your JMU Valentines Day went!

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